Enigma Datacenter

The evolution of one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining facilities

Validating the network, one transaction at a time.

Enigma is one of the largest cryptocurrency mining facilities in the world. First built to exclusively mine Ethereum, the facility is being continuously upgraded for mining state-of-the-art Blockchain technology. Enigma’s computational performance is achieved with specifically designed mining rigs that efficiently mine hashing algorithms for various cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, Dash, Monero and others.

01 Energy (Iceland + Geothermal Energy)

The results of cryptocurrency mining highly depend on infrastructure efficiency and electricity rates, which make renewable energy sources - such as geothermal and hydropower - the go-to solution for a cost-effective and clean mining operation. Today, over 80% of Iceland’s energy is provided by renewable sources..

02 Mining Hardware

Enigma is powered by a setup of optimized GPUs (graphic processing units). These GPUs are placed in ‘Rigs’ which are specifically designed to house as much hashing power as efficiently as possible. The miners’ software is configured for maximum performance by mining Kernels (hardware operating systems) like ‘SILVER CREST ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP OS’ that we’ve developed in-house. We then manage it with our Hive interface..

03 Mining Software / Hive

Hive is our software interface which enables the efficient setup, configuration and management of all our mining facilities. Keeping track of all devices is key for the success of any mining operation. Besides the total hashrate, power consumption and facility temperatures there are a myriad of details and settings like firmware, mining pools and safety protections that need to be checked and managed..